Sparkles & Saplings – a collage

Golden sap and pale blue sky Shimmering evening lights – Lonely ladybug basks in the glow, Bright red cherries among lime leaves Auburn leaves and tan Sperry’s ~Kat Just some photos focusing on light and the little details of the neighborhood gazebo, and a park that still displays fall’s fleeting colors. 

autumn photos 

Swings & Branches  Moon Deep colored bark Light through leaves Through the lattice

Crayon slices, Ampersands, & Creativity 

Just some craft projects I’ve been up to. Decorating with fragments of scrapbook paper, hammering crayons into colorful layers, and creating an ampersand magnet.  Also, I reread Jane Eyre and it is still one of my favorites!


~sipping pumpkin spice with friends~

Honey, Cocoa, and Caramel!

This summer, I baked baklava, devil’s food cookies, profiteroles and more! I haven’t posted on these desserts until now, however. Enjoy! Profiteroles are a bit like popovers filled with caramel ice cream and drizzled with chocolate ganache! They are delicious, hollow, melt-in-your-mouth-buttery pastries that can be enjoyed warm or chilled! By far one of the…

Library of a Century 

Almost one hundred years old, this beautiful library is full of detailed woodwork and antique charm. Here are some pictures I took when I visited!

Dear School (A Letter to the Upcoming Season)

Originally posted on Em:
Hey. It’s been awhile. We haven’t talked to much over the summer except for those four books you made me read. And all those questions you had me answer. But other than that, we might as well have been on separate planets, me just chilling on earth, and you, who knows…

silent poetry 

Silence and discord are one and the same. This is not solitude- but quiet chaos.

dried poetry 

don’t tear me apart don’t send me away don’t whiten my mind with the strain of decay don’t flee from my world please remain, please stay for love is an art for which many pray But here I am dried and tired I climb where in my world is there room for this sign?  …


I got some Sperry’s for my birthday! (Thanks grandma) I think they are so cute!!  Anyways, just wanted to post. 🙂 Kat